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Joe is a wonderfully dynamic musical director who is able to bring the best out of a community of people irrespective of age, background or experience...Joe definitely brings so much to the table and is a true creative collaborator.

From his first rehearsal Joe engaged the cast with his relaxed style and fun vocal warm-ups, and he soon established a rapport with them, whilst at the same time getting the best out of the group. Joe was flexible to our rehearsal schedule and adapted his teaching to the varying abilities of the group.

Matt Baker; Artistic Director, Theatre In The Quarter

Liz Leggerton; Director, Footloose Musicals

He is so enthusiastic and has a wonderful sense of humour, whilst paying attention to specific details, especially breathing and diction...Joe is a truly inspirational person and we look forward to a bright future under his direction.

Joe bounced into our rehearsal room full of energy and fun...Joe, we are so pleased we picked you to be our new musical director – the best decision we ever made!!

Blair Wilson; Chairman, Chester Male Voice Choir

Claire; Chair, Fireflies Choir


Joe's teaching style is relaxed and friendly.  The lessons are always well organised and designed to be enjoyable and add a little more challenge each week...Lesson format has been flexible too, both in person and via Skype.

George: Adult Trombone Student (4 Years)

I really enjoyed the lessons because they were always fun but at the same time, they were helpful and challenging. I always looked forward to them because I knew that you would help me progress and you would always find music that I enjoyed learning and playing.

Esme, Age 11: Ukulele Student (2 Years)

Joe tailors his inspirational lessons around what the pupil needs, creating a personalised blend of pieces and exercises to develop a specific practice focus...Without Joe's patience, expertise and gentle humour, I never would have developed the skills and confidence I needed to enjoy playing with other musical groups. Thank you Joe for reigniting my long lost passion for music!

He is exceptionally accommodating: we have successfully continued with lessons virtually over the last few months, and he has been more than willing to cover a very eclectic mix of music. A knowledgeable and helpful teacher, I have no hesitation in recommending Joe to others.

Catherine: Adult Trombone Student (1 Year)

Jonathan: Adult Ukulele Student (4 Years)

The lessons with Joe are great...with huge patience and great humour

Alison: Adult Ukulele Student (8 Years) a really great teacher, his lessons are easy to follow and well-planned.

Jess: Adult Ukulele Student (5 Years)

He proved that not only could he perform to a very high level, he was able to inspire all ages and abilities.

Judith Gilmour: Head of Community & Educational Physical Development


His enthusiasm and knowledge for his craft is strikingly evident and he has always demonstrated outstanding positivity and commitment. He is diligent, organised and understands the complexities of text and literature, how they relate to LAMDA and GCSE requirements.

Nichola; Mother of Verity

Joe has taught my three daughters who are all very different tailoring his approach and teaching methods to their individual needs. He has brought out the best in them all, with the eldest gaining a distinction at grade 8 [LAMDA Acting]. The girls thoroughly enjoy the lessons whether it be face-to-face or more recently via technology.

Sara-Jane; Mother of Olivia, Isabella and Francesca

The pupils at Belgrave are immersed in creativity and continue to be creatively inspired by Joe.  He has an exciting way of teaching that enthuses pupils and builds their confidence and willingness to participate.  The drama performances that he puts together with the children from a range of ages is outstanding

Joe is an inspirational facilitator of drama, his lessons are always dynamic, introducing new and exciting performance skills and techniques...Most importantly Joe is a kind and fun teacher, giving children self belief and installing confidence.

Belgrave Primary School Head Teacher

Ravanne Hamer; Head of Little Thespians

Joe's drama and ukulele sessions have proved a huge hit with our pupils. It is great to see the confidence and enjoyment they get from performing their productions or strumming along to the latest pop sounds. Joe creates a very safe and nurturing environment so that all the children can succeed.

With his enthusiastic delivery, Joe enables even the less confident to flourish within the supportive and fun atmosphere of his sessions. Joe seamlessly intertwines the theory and skills of performance with fresh and vibrant soundtracks and scripts.

Cherry Grove Primary School Head Teacher

Emily Moore, Head of Emily Moore School of Dance

The children at our school thoroughly enjoy both [Ukulele and Drama] clubs and relish the opportunities to acquire and develop new skills. Not only that, but they develop resilience and the increase in self-confidence, for so many of them, is clear to see...He is very dedicated and often gives up additional time, beyond the club hours, so that he can support the children when they perform and showcase what they have achieved, for parents and other members of our school community.

Childer Thornton Primary School Assistant Head Teacher

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